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WELCOME To The Mission

We’re Here To CRUSH The Stigma Around Mental Health & Support For First Responders And Military Service Members In Living Their Life To The Fullest             (On And Off The Job)


Today, you are the change

Welcome to the mission! We are Ashlie and Clint Walton and are coaches and consultants at LEO Warriors.
You're about to discover the secret of how to crush the mental health stigma and put yourself first without feeling guilty.

Are you a first responder or military service member? 

If so, at one point or another in your career, you have been triggered. Emotion has crept up as a consequence, yes, a consequence of your job. 

Have you ever wanted to reach out to just talk to someone but you were afraid of the repercussions? 

Your story stays with you. Everything is confidential and never shared.

Have you ever been fearful of losing your job or being judged? 

We hear you. We see you. 

Now you have a space to unload in a CONFIDENTIAL and non-clinical setting.  

We've created a free clarity call for you where together, we will discuss how you can become a part of the change. 

A process that reveals why there is nothing wrong with you, why you are not broken why any triggered emotions that you have faced as a result of your career is an injury and not a disorder.

If you are ready to immediately join the mission and make massive changes in your life before 2020 in an environment that gets YOU and that doesn't judge you, click on the button below.

Put in your name and primary email address, click the "Click For Free Clarity Call" button right now and we'll see you inside.

What People Are Actually Talking About


Ashlie Walton is a police wife and Clint Walton a police officer. Together, they own and operate LEO Warriors as coaches and consultants. Clint started the police academy days after they were married. Over the years, being a police officer and officer spouse took a tremendous toll on the health of their marriage. The kicker? Neither knew that there was anything wrong until it hit them both like a ton of bricks. Things needed to change. They incorporated coaching, meditation, reading and networking into their lives and trained at the Human Potential Institute. Today? They are a powerhouse and it seems like the two just started dating again! Together, they have created a movement to CRUSH the mental health stigma surrounding first responder and military professions. They teach people:

- How to invest in themselves without feeling guilty
- The best ways to identify silent negative triggers in their relationships
- That mental health is an injury and not a condition
- Top ways to balance careers in first responding/military service with personal life


"You need a coach for everything you want to achieve in your life." -Juan

"It has been one of the most beneficial and healthiest things I have done." -Caitlynn
"If you want to team up with folks that will watch your back, give Clint and Ashlie a call." -Rick
"I finally get to take want I want in life and have a balance in everything I want and do." -Luie 



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